Meet Dan – Representative of Michigan’s Fighting Fifth

Meet Dan – Representative of Michigan’s Fighting Fifth

Dan Kildee never stops fighting for Michigan. He knows what can be accomplished when we set aside partisanship, work together and focus on the issues that really matter most to mid-Michigan families: growing our economy, lowering the costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, and fixing our outdated roads and water systems.

Serving in House Democratic Leadership as Chief Deputy Whip and as a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, Dan has helped to pass over 400 bills this session of Congress, including 275 bipartisan bills supported by Republicans and Democrats. From protecting health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions to boosting workers’ wages, Dan is fighting to deliver real results on the kitchen table issues that matter most to families.

Dan has gotten real results for Michigan. To strengthen neighborhoods and help reduce crime, Dan secured over $300 million to clean up vacant properties and raise property values for surrounding homeowners. With Flint facing it’s ongoing lead-in-water crisis, Dan led the fight in Congress to successfully pass $170 million in aid for Flint residents to help remove lead pipes and expand health care. And when Canada proposed burying nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron, Dan worked to rally opposition to the plan until it was dropped. Dan has demonstrated he is willing to work with anyone–Democrats, Republicans or Independents–to just get things done.

Before being elected to Congress, Dan created the Genesee County Land Bank, a first of its kind model that has redeveloped thousands of homes and buildings and brought over $100 million in economic development to our community. Dan was the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization, the Center for Community Progress, which continues to support economic development projects across the country.

Dan is a lifelong Michigander. He and his wife, Jennifer, currently reside in Flint Township. Dan has three children, Ryan, Kenneth and Katy. His oldest son Ryan and his wife Ginger are the parents of Dan’s two grandchildren, Caitlin and Colin.


Dan is committing to turning Michigan Blue, help him keep up the fight