About Dan

Dan Kildee knows what can be accomplished when we work together and focus on the things that really matter – jobs, a brighter future for our children and security for our parents in their retirement.  Dan has always believed that our government should be working for the people to create opportunity for all Americans. Right now, there’s too much partisan political bickering and finger pointing in Congress. Dan knows that getting things done for the American people should be our highest priority. It’s this philosophy that has guided Dan in his work his entire life.

As County Treasurer, Dan worked to create the Genesee County Land Bank. A first of its kind in the nation, the land bank helps to keep families in their homes by preventing foreclosures, giving every family a chance at home ownership. It also helps to reduce the number of vacant and abandoned structures in the community, all while helping to create good-paying jobs for local residents. Across the country, Dan’s land bank model has helped to inspire other cities to start similar models to help create opportunity and foster development.

In 2010, Dan formed the well-respected Center for Community Progress, headquartered in Flint, Michigan, which helped promote his vision of improving the quality of life for communities across the country. Under Dan’s leadership during his service as president and CEO, the center helped to transform vacant and blighted areas into vibrant, thriving neighborhoods. Dan leadership has helped to revitalize cities across America, improving local and state economies and improving the safety of neighborhoods.

Dan has a track record of tackling tough problems with successful solutions. We need more leaders in Washington that have bold, new ideas to help make our nation better for our future generations. That is how our government is supposed to work. That’s why Dan is running for Congress.

Dan is a lifelong Michigan resident. He and his wife of 24 years, Jennifer, currently reside in Flint Township.  Dan has two children currently in college, Kenneth at the University of Michigan-Flint and Katy at Central Michigan University. Dan’s oldest son Ryan and his wife Ginger are the parents of Dan’s first and only grandchild, one-year old Caitlin.